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Sorting out our perverse electricity markets

Natural gas is getting a bum rap in renewables debate THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT by developers of the Access Northeast natural gas pipeline that they are suspending the project until legislation allows for electric ratepayer financing of pipelines illustrates a major flaw in our electricity markets. A market structure that doesn’t incentivize natural gas power generators […]

Natural Gas Pipeline Ruling Increases Importance of Canadian Hydro

On August 17th the Massachusetts Supreme Court vacated a ruling by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities that would have permitted electric utilities to charge electric ratepayers for pipeline capacity—and then sell the gas to generators. This could be the best place for viagra swan song for the last major natural gas pipeline expansion project on the table for […]

New England’s Ratepayers Need Greater Access to Natural Gas

Electricity prices in New England are the highest of any region in the United States and cheap us viagra have increased 17 to 44 percent the past decade (depending on the state).  Not coincidently, New England has lost 150,000 manufacturing jobs during the same period—and too frequently companies have moved or expanded to other parts of the country. […]

New Hampshire Policy Brief

New Hampshire and all of New England is facing some of the most challenging public policy decisions in recent memory—what to do about ever-rising electricity prices and their impacts on businesses and families. This brief reviews the where to get kamagra cheap results of recently implemented public policies and makes suggestions as to what steps New Hampshire’s elected officials could […]

NESCOE Proposal Unnecessary and Would Repeat Mistakes of the Past

Recently, the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE), which represents the six New England states and its Governors on regional electricity issues, proposed an initiative that would socialize the cost of natural gas pipeline expansion as well as transmission lines associated with large-scale hydropower imports from Canada. The initiative has been rightfully met with […]

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