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Governor Sununu was Right to Veto Biomass Tax and discount kamagra online Solar Subsidy

Taxes are a dirty word that neither political party (current Democrats running for Governor notwithstanding) wants to be accused of supporting. To avoid being labeled “tax and spenders” New Hampshire’s elected officials have been very creative in finding ways to provide tax benefits to politically favored industries without directly raising taxes. They often do it […]

Sorting out our perverse electricity markets

Natural gas is getting a bum rap in renewables debate THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT by developers of the Access Northeast natural gas pipeline that they are suspending the project until legislation allows for electric ratepayer financing of pipelines illustrates a major flaw in our electricity markets. A market structure that doesn’t incentivize natural gas power generators […]

The Truth About Electricity Rates and Northern Pass

In her May 12th NHBR opinion column titled “Northern Pass just isn’t worth it”, Judy Reardon repeated a fundamental misunderstanding of the potential benefits that a transmission project like Northern Pass can deliver to families and businesses in New Hampshire and the genuine cialis without a prescription region. Energy analysts don’t have crystal balls so there is no way of […]

Natural Gas Pipeline Ruling Increases Importance of Canadian Hydro

On August 17th the Massachusetts Supreme Court vacated a ruling by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities that would have permitted electric utilities to charge electric ratepayers for pipeline capacity—and then sell the generic cialis canadian gas to generators. This could be the swan song for the last major natural gas pipeline expansion project on the table for […]

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