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Category: Opinion

Wind power not competitive with conventional sources

It has been recently reported that Massachusetts’ utilities National Grid, Northeast Utilities and Unitil have negotiated power purchase agreements (PPAs) for 565MW of electricity capacity from existing and proposed wind-farms in New Hampshire and Maine that would provide electricity at wholesale rates of approximately eight cents per kilowatt-hour. These agreements were lauded by the Boston […]

Vermont Yankee closing will push us closer to energy cliff

Entergy’s recent decision to decommission Vermont Yankee’s 620MW of nuclear electricity generation by the end of 2014 brings to light a growing problem for New England’s electricity grid—reliability. Since 2003, New England has increased its reliance on natural gas for electricity generation by 30%. The Vermont Yankee announcement means that New England ratepayers will be […]

Large-scale hydro would improve RPS mandates

Last week the Connecticut State Senate passed SB 1138, which would potentially add large-scale hydro to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard—replacing more expensive wind, solar and biomass. If incorporated, it is expected that customer costs will be reduced by millions of dollars annually, compared to the current system. Despite that, many are up in arms […]

Putting “Renewable” back into RPS

The Connecticut State Senate will be considering a bill on Wednesday, SB 1138, which could actually have a beneficial impact on high electricity rates. The legislation will allow large-scale hydroelectricity to be considered as part of the renewable portfolio standards in the state. Not surprisingly, there are a whole host of opponents lining up to […]

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