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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA)?

NERA is a non-profit advocacy group focused on promoting sound public policy that protects utility customers, both families and businesses, and lowers the cost of regulated services. Lower cost energy, water, and telecommunications services in New England will be an important driver for keeping the region’s economy competitive and retaining and returning manufacturing and high tech jobs for the 21st century.

What issues is NERA engaging on?

NERA intends to provide resources and information to the general public, regulators and elected officials on a variety of issues that both directly and indirectly affect the cost of utilities to the ratepayer. Issues of interest include: Telecommunications taxes and fees; the Regional Greenhouse GasInitiative (RGGI) and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS); the New Hampshire Great Bay water treatment standards; large scale energy projects and the expansion of natural gas infrastructure in the region.

Is NERA active at the federal level?

NERA is exclusively focused on the six New England states, and is not actively engaged in Washington DC or on federal issues.

How is NERA organized?

NERA is incorporated as a non-profit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The organization has applied for 501(c)4 status as a social welfare organization

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. This type of organization is primarily engaged in “promoting the common good and general welfare of the community,” in this case through advocating for public policies that protect utility ratepayers from excessive cost and regulation.

Who are NERA’s members?

Our membership is made up of New England based individuals and businesses who are concerned about the high cost of energy, water, and telecommunications, and the impact these costs have on our region’s economic growth. As a matter of policy, the organization does not disclose its supporters without their express permission. NERA’s policy positions and advocacy efforts stand on their own merits, and should not be defined by the perception of those associated with it. Those with opposing viewpoints are welcome to engage us in the debate, but will have to do so on the strength of their arguments, not by attacking our members.

Can I become a member?

Absolutely! We welcome any individual or business that supports our mission to protect ratepayers. Please contact us today for membership information.

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