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New England Ratepayers Association Comments on Veto of House Bill 365

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CONCORD, NH – The New England Ratepayers Association (NERA) offered the following comments on Governor Sununu’s veto of House Bill 365:

“We commend Governor Sununu for vetoing HB 365 which would raise electricity costs on New Hampshire’s ratepayers by tens of millions of dollars a year,” said Marc Brown, President of the New England Ratepayers Association. “HB 365 would directly benefit large solar developers at the expense of New Hampshire residents and businesses, who already bear the burden of some of the highest electricity prices in the nation. These high costs particularly harm our most vulnerable citizens, especially those who live on fixed incomes like the elderly and the poor. Why should New Hampshire’s electricity suppliers be forced to pay $80 per megawatt-hour to large solar developers when utilities in other states are entering into contracts with solar developers for less than a third of that price?”

Brown continued, “House Bill 365 is a solution looking for a problem. Behind-the-meter generators of the scale covered by HB 365 can already receive market-based compensation. Enactment of HB 365 would have expanded the practice of distorting energy markets by paying politically preferred generators above-market rates and raising costs to all ratepayers to benefit a select few. The Governor has wisely chosen to stop the practice of picking the pockets of ratepayers to line the pockets of developers.”

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About NERA: The New England Ratepayers Association (NERA) is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sound public policy that protects utility customers, both families and businesses, and lowers the cost of regulated services. Lower cost energy, water, and telecommunications services in New England will be an important driver for keeping the region’s economy competitive and retaining and returning manufacturing and high-tech jobs for the 21st century.

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